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Bernafon domes

Bernafon domes are for you who, as you have probably guessed, use a hearing aid from Bernafon. The domes come in a number of different editions which means you have the possibility to fulfill your wishes in terms of sound and comfort. You can choose the perfect Bernafon dome from the criteria of which sound you prefer in your hearing aid as well as how you prefer your domes to fit in your ear. For instance, you can choose Bernafon domes that leave the ear canal a little bit open, and this way you will enjoy a lighter sound than with other domes. The variety of Bernafon domes is great so do have a look around on this page and explore the selection.

Why choose Bernafon domes?

As mentioned above you have the option of open domes but if you prefer closed domes you can choose that. If you decide on that type of Bernafon dome your ear canal will be more closed. This provides a deeper and more intense sound. But perhaps you have not even heard the word domes before? This could very well be because the little rubber things are also called tips. Regardless of what you prefer to call them Bernafon offers a great variety which allows you to choose those that match your wants and needs.

Bernafon has developed hearing aids and accessories since 1946 and thus has many years of experience. This company has made it a priority to exceed their customer’s expectations again and again and this is why you can feel sure when choosing Bernafon domes for your hearing aid. The domes are available in more than 70 countries and with Bernafon domes you get the opportunity of enjoying an authentic sound experience despite your reduced hearing.

How often should I replace my Bernafon domes?

As a rule of thumb, you can replace your domes every four weeks. This goes regardless if your hearing aid is new or old. By changing your Bernafon domes regularly you will ensure the sound quality. Having said that, it is recommended that you replace your domes more often if you produce big amounts of ear wax or if you prefer a cleaner hearing aid. Fortunately, it is easy to replace domes in hearing aids. Simply remove your domes from the hearing aids speaker or sound tube by coaxing carefully until they come out. Now place the new domes on the tip of your hearing aid again and make sure to press the dome all the way down on the barb on the tip.

Wide selection of Bernafon domes at Japebo

At Japebo we offer not only a wide but also a very interesting selection of Bernafon domes. The selection is extensive and this is why we feel certain that on this page you can find exactly the Bernafon domes you have been searching for. If you decide to buy your Bernafon domes from us we will make sure to treat you to a good deal. This gives you the excellent opportunity of always having a clean hearing aid without going bust, and who can say no to that? Feel free to explore our wide selection of Bernafon domes on this page and discover all your favorites today!

Excellent service and speedy delivery

At Japebo we care deeply about providing excellent service for your customers. This is why we are always ready to assist you so that you can feel comfortable with the purchase of your new domes for hearing aids. Furthermore, if you have doubts as to which type of domes fits your hearing aid or if you have other inquiries about our domes please don’t hesitate to contact us.