Bernafon Grip tip (2.4 vent)


Bernafon Grip Tip is a differently shaped longer dome that provides a better fit. If you do not find the optimal fit with traditional Bernafon miniFit domes, you can benefit from Grip Tips, as the longer dome adjusts to the size of the ear canal and therefore fits any ear. The Grip Tip dome is made of a material with a textured surface, providing a bit of resistance to the skin, making the plugs stay in the ear more securely and less likely to slip out easily.

Bernafon Grip Tip is available in two variants: with and without ventilation. Bernafon Grip Tip is made of a soft rubber material. Grip Tip should not be cleaned and should be replaced at least once a month – it should be replaced more frequently if it becomes blocked due to earwax.

Advantages of Bernafon Grip Tip domes:

  • Innovative shape.
  • Non-slip material that keeps the dome in the ear canal.
  • Ventilating.

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Bernafon Grip tip (2.4 vent)
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