Bernafon MiniFit Open Dome


Introducing Bernafon Minifit Open Dome: The Enhanced Solution for Bernafon Minifit Receiver and MiniFit Thin Tubes. With a compact design, these domes are specifically designed to fit the smaller dimensions of Bernafon MiniFit Receiver and thin tubes.

Choose from a range of variations and sizes, including open, closed with ventilation holes, and power domes with double seal. On this page, you can see the open versions. Crafted from secure and durable silicone material, MiniFit domes provide a comfortable fit for both the receiver and the ear, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Domes should be replaced at least once a month or more often as needed.

Advantages of Bernafon Minifit Open Dome

  • Domes for Bernafon Minifit Receiver and thin tubes.
  • Soft and skin friendly material.
  • Adjusts to the ear canal.
  • Transparent look for discrete use.
Bernafon MiniFit Open Dome
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