Bernafon Minifit Thin Tube 1.3 mm


MiniFit tubes are compatible with all Bernafon hearing aids featuring a thin sound tube. They have the same connection as the older “Spiraflex” tubes and can be used seamlessly. Additionally, MiniFit Thin Tubes are highly discreet due to their transparent design.

Regularly replacing the sound tubes on your hearing aids is crucial to maintain optimal sound quality. Thin tubes are affected by usage, which can make them rigid and discolored. This deterioration impacts sound quality as it obstructs the path of sound from your hearing aid to your ear.

By regularly replacing the thin tubes, you ensure the best conditions for perfect sound transmission through them. It’s recommended to change the thin tubes at least every 3 months or as needed.

Benefits of Bernafon miniFit Thin Tubes

  • Ensures optimal sound transmission.
  • Preserves sound quality.
  • Offers excellent comfort.

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Bernafon Minifit Thin Tube 1.3 mm
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