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Bernafon receivers

You may occasionally need to replace the receiver on your hearing aid. On this page, you’ll find the complete range of original Bernafon receivers. Bernafon has continuously developed and improved their receivers to provide even better sound quality while minimizing the chance of feedback. They fit well in the ears and offer an optimal listening experience.

Improved sound quality with Bernafon MiniFit Receivers

Bernafon has enhanced their RITE series and introduced Bernafon MiniFit Receivers. The MiniFit Receivers are compatible with Bernafon Viron, Zerena, Nevara, Juna, Saphira, and Alpha hearing aid models. These receivers offer improved sound quality, reduced feedback, and a better fit for optimal listening experiences.

The new Bernafon MiniFit Receivers feature thin, flexible tubes that are barely noticeable when wearing the hearing aid. The receiver itself is shaped to match the natural form of the ear, minimizing discomfort. They are also easy to handle and adjustable according to individual preferences.

If you need matching domes and wax filters, you can find them here: Bernafon MiniFit Domes and Bernafon ProWax MiniFit wax filters.

There are three types of MiniFit Receivers: 60, 85, and 100 – a brief introduction of each type is provided below. Your hearing aid is programmed to work with a specific type of receiver that was initially fitted by your hearing specialist. Therefore, you should choose the same type of receiver it is programmed for. The type is labeled as: 60, 85, or 100.

MiniFit Receiver 60: The smallest of the three receivers designed for moderate hearing loss. Its curved rectangular shape ensures a comfortable fit. MiniFit Receiver 85: Designed for moderate to severe hearing loss, it delivers impressive sound quality without distortion or unwanted whistling. MiniFit Receiver 100: The most powerful of the three receivers, ideal for those with severe hearing loss.

Optimal listening pleasure with Bernafon NanoRite P and M Speaker

The original Bernafon NanoRite Receiver was introduced as the first receiver for their RITE devices. NanoRite is the external speaker for hearing aids that sits directly in the ear canal and is compatible with Bernafon Saphira 3 NanoRite, Saphira 5 NanoRite, and Nevara I NanoRite. After prolonged use, the receiver may wear out, or the cable may become damaged. Therefore, it is possible to replace the receiver as needed. However, always start by checking the wax filter, as it often resolves the issue.

The receiver is equipped with thin, flexible tubes that are barely noticeable when wearing the hearing aid. The receiver itself is shaped to match the natural form of the ear, minimizing discomfort. Additionally, the NanoRite receiver is easy to handle. If you need matching domes, you can find them here: Bernafon NanoRite Domes.

Bernafon NanoRite Speaker comes in two different versions with varying strengths: Bernafon NanoRite Medium Speaker and Bernafon NanoRite Power Speaker. Furthermore, Bernafon NanoRite Speaker is available in several wire lengths for optimal fit: 1, 2, 3, and 4. Always make sure to choose the same type of speaker that your hearing aid is already equipped with.

Bernafon Ear-Grip and MiniFit Ear-Grip ensure secure placement of your hearing aid

Bernafon MiniFit Ear-Grip and Bernafon Ear-Grip (also known as support wings) are designed to hold the dome in place and ensure a stable fit of your hearing aid. The Ear-Grip provides support if your hearing aid tends to fall out. Simply attach the Ear-Grip to the hearing aid by removing the dome and inserting the support wing. This keeps the speaker in place, allowing you to enjoy your day and engage in physical activities without worrying about your hearing aid.

If the dome on your hearing aid tends to slip out of the ear canal, the Ear-Grip is an optimal solution. It keeps the dome securely in place throughout the day, alleviating concerns about the hearing aid.

The Ear-Grip is also beneficial during physical activities. The support wing can be used to ensure that the dome remains in the ear canal during exercise or if there is a tendency for it to slide out. If you participate in sports or activities where hearing and communication are essential, you can benefit from using the Ear-Grip. This way, you can focus on your sport without worrying about the dome falling out of your ear.

If you are unsure about the size of Ear-Grip you need, you can determine the speaker size by removing the MiniFit Ear-Grip from the receiver. You will find a number on the receiver that corresponds to the size: 60, 80, or 85. The MiniFit Ear-Grip can be used with Bernafon MiniFit hearing aids featuring MiniFit Receiver 60, 80, or 85.

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