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Click Domes – Enhance Your Hearing Experience with Versatile Options

Discover the wide array of Click Domes available in our extensive selection. Thoughtfully designed to provide remarkable sound performance and unparalleled comfort for Siemens, Rexton, and Signia hearing aids.

These Domes feature an integrated filter that actively blocks particles from entering the ear canal, facilitating the optimal functionality of your hearing aids.

Immerse yourself in a comfortable and irritation-free fit, thanks to our use of skin-friendly materials. To maintain consistent optimal performance, we recommend replacing the Domes on a monthly basis.

Choose from a diverse range of four distinctive types of Click Domes, each offering a unique sound experience based on their level of openness.

  • Open: Offers maximum comfort and an open feeling in the ear canal.
  • Closed: Provides a more intense sound experience with increased bass amplification.
  • Semi-open: Features two lamellae for a better seal without occlusion.
  • Power: Ideal for users requiring maximum amplification across the entire frequency range and a tighter seal.

Experience the perfect combination of comfort and enhanced acoustic performance with our Domes, compatible with Siemens and Rexton miniReceiver, as well as Signia miniReceiver 2.0.

Crafted from medical-grade silicone, these domes provide a secure attachment to your hearing aid receiver with a tactile “Click,” reducing the risk of accidental detachment.

Ensure optimal functionality by regularly replacing click domes and miniReceiver WaxGuards.

Explore our diverse range of sizes and styles, customized to suit your unique hearing levels and ear canal size.

Discover the confidence and satisfaction of a secure and aesthetically pleasing fit with our Click Domes, meticulously designed for Signia, Siemens, and Rexton hearing aids.