Corda 2 Power


The Oticon Corda 2 Power Tubes ensure a seamless and effortless sound transmission from the hearing aid to your ear.

The Oticon Corda 2 Power Tubes are compatible with Corda 2 domes and power domes. Ensuring sound quality by regularly replacing your tubes is crucial. Old tubes can easily block sound, preventing you from getting the most out of your hearing aids.

This power version is ideal for more profound hearing loss, featuring thicker tubes with a diameter of 1.3. This allows more sound to pass through – the larger the diameter, the more sound comes through.

Replacing the Oticon Corda 2 Power Tubes on your hearing aid is very straightforward. They easily click off from your hearing aid, enabling you to easily clean the tubes regularly and replace them yourself.

By replacing them at least every 3 months, you ensure the best sound experience and audio quality at all times.

Advantages of Corda 2 Power Tubes:

  • Ensures high sound quality.
  • Ensures effortless sound delivery to your ear.
  • Discreet appearance.
  • Easy to replace.

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Corda 2 Power
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