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Welcome to our Interton Domes category, featuring a range of products designed to enhance your experience with Interton hearing aids. Our domes are comfortable and soft, ensuring a pleasant use of your hearing device. They prevent irritation in the ear and guarantee top-notch sound quality. To achieve optimal performance, we recommend replacing the domes at least every 4 weeks.
Switch and Customize: Open, Tulip-shaped, and Power Domes
Our domes come in three different variations: Open, Tulip-shaped, and Power domes, allowing you to switch according to your preference. Each dome offers a unique sound experience, making it beneficial to adapt the domes to different situations.

Open domes are equipped with ventilation holes that provide airflow to the ear canal. They occupy minimal space in the ear, preventing a blocked sensation and generally producing a brighter sound compared to other domes.

Tulip-shaped domes offer a blend of the characteristics of open and closed domes. The tapered shape partially seals the ear canal, delivering a more powerful and intense bass sound while still ensuring adequate airflow.

Power domes are particularly suitable for severe hearing loss as they provide the most bass amplification. With their double lamellas, power domes create a tight seal in the ear canal, delivering an intense sound experience.

Browse our selection of Interton Domes to find the perfect fit for your hearing needs. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support.