MIC Open Dome


Domes for ReSound and Beltone MIC (Microphone in Concha) hearing aids, such as ReSound Lex and Beltone Prime.
MIC domes are comfortable to wear and are not visible in the ear when worn due to the discreet material. They also protect your hearing aid from harmful particles from the environment and the ears.
ReSound MIC domes are available in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to change them according to your preference, needs, and the listening situation you find yourself in. MIC domes should be replaced at least every 4 weeks or as needed. Wipe the dome daily with a cleaning wipe to prolong their lifespan.
One package contains 10 ReSound MIC domes.

Benefits of ReSound MIC domes

  • Comfortable fit in the ear.
  • Multiple sizes and shapes.
  • Protect the hearing aid from harmful particles.
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MIC Open Dome
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