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Microphone Filter

The microphone is essential for sound quality, and when it is exposed to harmful particles from your ears, it affects the sound you receive every day. Therefore, it is a wise investment to use a microphone filter, which effectively protects the microphones of your hearing aids.

Dirt and debris from your ears and surroundings are the most common causes of damage to your hearing aids. Your hearing aids are exposed to moisture and dust from your environment, which can affect their performance.

Protect your microphone and maintain high sound quality

The microphone captures sounds from your surroundings and delivers them to your ears. The microphone in your hearing aid is in a vulnerable position when it comes to protecting your device. Hence, it is crucial to shield the microphone inlet with a microphone filter. These filters are designed to prevent foreign objects from entering the microphone inlet, which is one of the most common causes of malfunctions in in-ear hearing aids.

By shielding your hearing aids from particles, you reduce the number of repairs over the lifespan of your device. Equally important, you preserve the natural sounds from your environment and ensure the good sound quality that your microphones capture and deliver to your ears. These filters effectively shield the microphone from dirt, moisture, and earwax, which can affect the sound of your hearing aid.

Replacement of microphone filters

When your hearing aids are exposed to dust, you may notice changes in sound quality. If you experience difficulties in communication and a decrease in the sharpness of sound, it is time to replace your microphone filters. Sound localization may also become more challenging, and overall, the sound from your hearing aids may become less distinct if the filters need to be replaced. It is recommended to replace the filters regularly, at least every 6 to 8 weeks.

Regular replacement of microphone filters protects your hearing aids from dirt and moisture, which can affect the sound quality. Therefore, you can be confident that the sound quality will always be at the same level as when you purchased your hearing aids. It is very easy to replace the filter using the small tool provided when you order a microphone filter.

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