Neck Loop for SoundGate


The Neck Loop is the neck cable that ensures sound quality in Bernafon SoundGate 2 and 3. The cable transmits the sound from the SoundGate to the hearing aids.

The Neck Loop must be intact for the best possible connection. Over time, it may wear out, leading to sound dropouts, indicating the need for a replacement, especially if your SoundGate is several years old.

The Neck Loop is worn around the neck, minimizing the distance between the SoundGate and the hearing aids. This ensures the best connection, and it is always easy to locate. By using a neck loop, Bernafon SoundGate’s battery life can be doubled compared to use without a Neck Loop, allowing you to save power and battery usage. Additionally, there are three different lengths available, allowing you to choose the one that fits you best.

Advantages of Soundgate Neck Loop

  • Ensures sound quality.
  • Doubles the battery life.
  • Conveniently hangs around the neck.
  • Various lengths to suit your needs.

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Neck Loop for SoundGate
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