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Oticon hearing aid batteries: ensuring optimal performance for your hearing aids

At Japebo you will find a wide selection of batteries for hearing aids from Oticon, which is one of the world’s best hearing aid manufacturers. Since the company’s beginning in 1904, Oticon has been a leader in the technological development of advanced audiology that enhances the joy of life as well as the individual wishes and needs of people with hearing loss.

Oticon hearing aids batteries are popular with many hearing aid users as they contribute to one of the market’s most unique hearing solutions in all listening situations with an exceptional sound experience, longevity, and performance beyond the ordinary.

In addition, the batteries are available at very reasonable prices, which you can of course also buy them at on this page. So, it is not without reason that Oticon is one of the most preferred manufacturers of hearing aids, batteries and other accessories among the hearing impaired worldwide.

While you’re here exploring Oticon batteries, don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your hearing experience with our full range of Oticon accessories. From domes to wireless accessories and receivers, we have everything you need to complement and enhance your Oticon hearing aids.

Oticon battery replacement

Oticon hearing aids batteries have an average life of three to ten days, depending on the model you use and how much you use your hearing aid. When it’s time to replace the batteries in your hearing aid, you will typically hear two warning beeps to indicate that the batteries are running low. That way you know that new batteries will soon need to be inserted in the battery drawer. After the last warning, the hearing aid will turn off completely.

When replacing Oticon batteries in your hearing aid, you will hear the usual jingle during startup. Here it is important that you place the hearing aid correctly in the ear immediately, otherwise acoustic feedback can occur if you for example hold it in your hands.

We always recommend that you switch off the hearing aid when you are not using it to save battery power. You can do this by opening the battery drawer completely. In addition, always hand in your used batteries at set-up battery boxes or at your local recycling station.

Proper care and handling of Oticon batteries

To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your Oticon hearing aid batteries, it’s important to follow proper care and handling guidelines. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your batteries: Zinc-air batteries are activated by air and are used once and disposed of after they run out. Once you remove the tab, air enters through tiny holes to activate the battery. Wait one minute after removing the tab before placing the battery in the hearing aid to ensure it is fully activated.

Here are some key tips on how to care for Oticon hearing aids batteries:

Store your batteries properly to ensure the best performance. It matters how you store your batteries to ensure the most optimal performance. Ideally, they should be stored at temperatures between 10-25 degrees Celsius. Avoid humid areas or excessively high temperatures, as this can shorten the lifespan of the batteries. If you have just put a new battery in your hearing aid, wait 2 minutes after removing the label. If it’s not working, then hand over your hearing aid to your hearing care professional for further troubleshooting. Replace batteries on a regular schedule, even if they haven’t run out, to maintain the best performance of your hearing aids. Waiting until batteries are completely dead can sometimes cause your hearing aids to malfunction temporarily. Always handle batteries with clean, dry hands to prevent corrosion from moisture or dirt.

By following these care and handling tips, you can maximize the life and performance of your Oticon hearing aid batteries, ensuring your hearing aids provide the best possible sound quality and reliability.

Ordering batteries for hearing aids

No matter what hearing aid model you use, we sell accessories and batteries that fit virtually any type of hearing aid. This applies to both ITE hearing aids and BTE hearing aids.

When you buy batteries for your hearing aid, you need to pay extra attention to the size in which you order the batteries, so you can be sure that they fit your particular hearing aid. Each hearing aid model from Oticon has its own color code, so you can easily and quickly find the right size the next time you need to buy new batteries.

Choose Oticon hearing aid batteries for a reliable, eco-friendly power source that keeps your hearing aids functioning at peak performance. Experience the difference in your hearing and the convenience of knowing your devices are powered by the best.

Need help?

Should you be in doubt about which battery size to use, it should be stated in the operating instructions for your hearing aid. If this is not the case, you are always more than welcome to contact us directly in the chat or write to us at, where our skilled customer service staff is ready to help you with any query.