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All the Phonak 4.0 Domes by model

Welcome to our category page for Phonak Domes 4.0, the perfect solution for Phonak Marvel, Paradise and Lumity hearing aids. Our wide range of domes is designed to cater to various hearing needs, providing optimal sound quality and comfort. Discover the ideal domes for your Phonak hearing aids and unlock crystal-clear sound like never before.

Discover the Ideal Phonak Dome 4.0 for Your Specific Hearing Needs

Phonak Domes 4.0 are specifically crafted to fit Phonak Marvel, Paradise and Lumity hearing instruments, ensuring a seamless and secure fit. With four different versions available, you can choose the perfect dome style for your specific requirements:

  1. Cap Dome for Narrow Ear Canals: Designed for individuals with narrow ear canals, these domes offer exceptional comfort and a snug fit.
  2. Open Domes: Equipped with ventilation holes throughout the dome, the open version provides a refreshing and open sensation in the ear canal. Open domes are ideal for individuals with mild hearing loss, as they deliver a brighter and less intense sound experience.
  3. Closed Domes: The closed domes deliver a more intense sound experience, amplifying the audio for individuals with moderate to severe hearing loss. To ensure proper ventilation, these domes are equipped with small air holes.
  4. Power Domes with Double Membrane: Offering the most intense sound experience, the power domes enhance bass sounds and amplify the audio even more than closed domes. They are perfect for individuals with heavy hearing loss.

All types of domes, except Cap Dome, are available in three diameter options: 6.8 mm and 10 mm (Small, Medium and Large).

Regular replacement of Phonak Domes 4.0 is essential for maintaining optimal sound quality and preventing discomfort or eczema in the ear canal. It is recommended to replace the domes at least every 4 weeks, or more often if needed.

Benefits of Phonak Domes 4.0

  • Ventilating and Sound Intensity: Phonak Domes 4.0 provide excellent ventilation and allow for different levels of sound intensity, ensuring a personalized listening experience.
  • Different Sound Experiences: With a variety of dome options available, you can choose the one that offers a unique sound profile tailored to your specific hearing needs.
  • Suitable for Several Degrees of Hearing Loss: Whether you have mild, moderate, severe, or heavy hearing loss, Phonak Domes 4.0 offer compatible options to address your specific requirements.

Moreover, it’s important to note that most Phonak instruments compatible with Phonak 4.0 Domes also use Cerushield Waxguards. It is recommended to replace the wax guards when exchanging the domes. To simplify the process and save on shipping costs, we highly recommend ordering the wax guards along with the domes. By doing so, you can change both components simultaneously and ensure optimal performance of your Phonak Marvel hearing aids.

Explore the Full Experience

To fully enhance your hearing experience and protect your Phonak hearing aids, we offer the option to order Cerushield wax guards alongside the Phonak Domes 4.0. This way, you can conveniently replace both components simultaneously, saving time and avoiding separate shipping fees. Enjoy a comprehensive solution by including the Cerushield wax guards in your order and ensure the longevity and performance of your hearing aids.

Rediscover the joy of clear, vibrant sound with fresh and maintained hearing aids.