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On this page you can order Domes for your Phonak hearing aids. We have all domes from Phonak.

Here you will find Phonak’s series of smokey options such as the open ‘Phonak Open Smokey’ which has been widely used for all Phonak hearing aids for many years, but you will also find the new 4.0 domes which were introduced with Marvel hearing aids and are now also used for Paradise and newer Phonak hearing aids. All domes are available in sizes Small, Medium and Large.

Domes are available in many versions, which depend on what sound you want or how the domes fit in your ear. Open domes do not close the ear canal as much and give a brighter sound than other domes. Conversely, closed domes and power domes are the plugs that close your ear canal more, which gives a deeper and more intense sound.

How often should you change domes?

Domes are the little “rubber thingies” that sit inside your ears. Domes is also called sound domes, plugs or tips. Whether you have old or new hearing aids, it is optimal to change the domes every 4 weeks to ensure the sound quality. Sometimes you need to change the dome more often if you form a lot of earwax, or you just want a “cleaner hearing aid”.

How to change the domes in a Phonak hearing aid?

The dome is changed very easily. The dome is simply taken by the hearing aid’s speaker or sound tube with a light pry. Then put the dome on the tip of the hearing aid again. Be sure to press the dome all the way down over the barbs on the tip. You must remove the dome when you change the wax filter, which you should also always change at the same time as you change the dome out and preferably at least every 4 weeks.

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