Phonak Slim Tube HE


Phonak Slim Tube HE is thin a tube for Phonak hearing aids. The thin sound tubes make it comfortable to use hearing aids, as they give an open and ventilated feeling in the ear. So, you will not feel the tube on your ear, which is a freeing experience.

The thin tube is made of transparent material which, along with the narrow design, gives an invisible look, so you can discreetly use your hearing aid in all situations.

The thin tubes ensure the sound quality in your hearing aid and should be replaced regularly.  The thin tubes should be transparent and flexible, but if they suddenly come discolored or inflexible or if the quality of the sound changes, it is a sign that the tubes should be replaced.

In general, it is recommended to replace thin tubes every 3 months to ensure the sound quality.

Benefits of Phonak Slim Tubes HE

  • Comfortable
  • Invisible look
  • Always ensures a high sound quality

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Phonak Slim Tube HE
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