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Phonak WaxGuards – Maintain Your Hearing Aids with Ease

Ensure optimal performance and longevity of your Phonak hearing aids with our range of Phonak WaxGuards. Regularly replacing wax filters is crucial for preserving the excellent sound quality your devices had when they were new. By keeping your ear area clean and maintaining good hearing aid hygiene, you’ll experience enhanced comfort and extend the lifespan of your hearing aids. Phonak WaxGuards are among the most sought-after accessories, serving as an integral part of the maintenance routine for most hearing aid users.

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Discover our wide variety of Phonak WaxGuards designed specifically for hearing aids. If you’re unsure about which Phonak wax filter suits your device or have any questions about our filters, feel free to contact us via chat, or email at

Why Choose Phonak WaxGuards?

Phonak WaxGuards act as a barrier, preventing debris and moisture from entering your hearing aids. Regularly replacing wax filters has been proven to reduce repairs and prolong the lifespan of your devices by protecting them from harmful particles that can compromise the electronics. Additionally, these accessories ensure optimal sound transmission from the hearing aids to your ears. A clogged wax filter can obstruct sound, resulting in diminished sound quality. By replacing the wax filters every month, you guarantee optimal sound performance and prevent moisture from seeping into the electronics.

How Often Should You Replace Wax Filters in Hearing Aids?

Maintaining good hygiene around your hearing aids also protects your ears from harmful particles that naturally accumulate during regular usage. Wearing hearing aids may cause irritation in the skin area around and inside your ears. This discomfort can be minimized by regularly changing the wax filters and domes, creating a clean environment for your ears and preventing any discomfort around the ear area. If you produce excessive earwax, prioritize hygiene, or simply want your hearing aids to sound as good as new, you may choose to replace the wax filters more frequently. Regardless, it’s a good practice to inspect the wax filter daily or every time you use your hearing aids to ensure sound transmission and identify when it’s time for a replacement.

Easy Steps to Replace Wax Filters in Your Phonak Hearing Aids:

Replacing Phonak WaxGuards is incredibly simple, just like any other Phonak accessory. The type of wax filter you need depends on the model of your Phonak hearing aids, in addition to your personal preference. Phonak has made the process convenient and hassle-free. Each wax filter comes with a tool for easy insertion and removal. Simply use the tool to remove the old wax filter, and attach the new one in its place. It couldn’t be easier.

Explore our range of Phonak accessories, including Phonak domes and batteries for Phonak hearing aids. Invest in Phonak WaxGuards to protect and optimize your hearing aid experience. Count on Japebo for all your Phonak accessory needs. Contact us today for any inquiries or assistance. Our dedicated team is ready to support you on your journey to better hearing.