Widex batteries

Here you will find a good selection of batteries for Widex hearing aids, you definitely cannot live without. Without batteries your hearing aid will be out of function and not give you unforgettable listening experiences – batteries are an accessory you shouldn’t make compromises with. Take a look at our selection and see what fits you the best.  

Batteries for Widex hearing aids 

Widex is a Danish, family-owned business that delivers quality hearing solutions and is one of the most innovative producers of hearing aids in the branch. Despite hearing aids, Widex is also making a couple of accessories for hearing aids to make daily life easier if you are having hearing loss. Among the accessories are batteries, that we have gathered on this site. The batteries from Widex come in multiple sizes so everyone can find the battery that fits their hearing aid. Buy batteries from Widex and experience the difference. 

Get Widex batteries in sizes 10, 13, and 312 here 

Batteries from Widex are available in standard sizes 10, 13, and 312, so no one will get excluded from buying quality batteries. To make it easier for you the batteries are color-separated in yellow, orange, and brown, so you can recognize them among batteries from other brands. Your job is just to pick the right size. 


Take also a look at our button cell batteries, which are suitable for you that won’t let your gear fail you. The button cell batteries can be used for the Widex RC-Dex remote control together with other remote controls and accessories to give splendid experiences of sound. At we make sure, that you are well suited to get good sound in all daily situations.  

Accessories for Widex hearing aids 

Do you need other accessories for your Widex hearing aid than batteries? Then we at can help you with that. We have everything you need of equipment for your hearing aid. Check out our big selection of wireless accessories, smart ear tip sound domes or our products for the maintenance of hearing aids. A hearing aid cannot stand alone – so buy the accessories today. 

Buy batteries for your hearing aid at

Are you in doubt of which battery will fit your Widex hearing aid? Then we are ready to supervise you to find the optimal one. We are ready to reply to your questions at 80 20 80 90 and our e-mail We are an authorized dealer of all the products of our webshop, so you can rely on having competent supervision buy our hearing specialists when you contact us.