Wireless Accessories

Wireless accessory from Phonak 

Even if you have invested in hearing aids from Phonak, it is often not enough if you want equipment that makes your sound experience better when you for example are watching TV or talking on the phone. That's why we at have a large selection of wireless accessories from Phonak, so you get good sound that boosts the performance of your hearing aids. Take a look at our selection and see if there are any accessories that suit you. 


Phonak has been developing and producing advanced hearing solutions for over 70 years, and they are constantly pushing the boundaries of technology so that they can offer help for any hearing situation. Phonak is also constantly trying to find new and innovative ways to help the hearing impaired get better sound experiences. So, you can be absolutely sure that if you invest in wireless accessories for your Phonak hearing aids, you will get top quality. 


Buy ComPilot accessories for your Phonak hearing aid 

At you can get a large selection of ComPilot accessories for your hearing aids, which gives you more freedom, comfort, and security. With ComPilot you get easy access to televisions, MP3 players and phones. You can also get Phonak's ComPilot ll and ComPilot Air ll, which connect all Bluetooth devices to your hearing aids, allowing you to stream audio from your audio sources directly to your hearing aids. See also our ComPilot accessories, which include external microphones, antennas, power supplies and silicone covers for Phonak's ComPilot, so you're completely covered. 


Connect audio from your hearing aid to your TV with Phonaks TV LINK II and more 

If you are looking for accessories for your Phonak hearing aids, so you can enjoy watching TV again, then take a look at our selection of TV accessories. At, we sell Phonak TV LINK ll, which together with Phonak's ComPilot allows you to watch TV without annoying cable connections or headphones and at the same time move around freely. You also have the option of choosing a package solution where you get both Phonak's ComPilot and TV LINK ll together, so you can have the perfect TV experience. See also our TV Connector, which streams the sound from your TV to your hearing aid without the use of an external receiver and with a range of up to 15 meters. 


Transfer audio from cordless phone to your hearing aid 

Do you want a phone that automatically transmits incoming calls to your hearing aids? Then take a closer look at Phonak's cordless phone, which can also be used as a regular phone by the whole family. The phone also reduces unnecessary noise and ensures a good speech intelligibility with the highest quality sound. We also have Phonak's Easycall ll, which connects your mobile phone to your Phonak hearing aids, so you can talk wirelessly on your mobile phone. 


Also take a look at Phonak's RemoteMic, which allows you to have a conversation at a distance, which is especially beneficial if there is a lot of background noise. Phonak's RemoteMic is an easy solution if you e.g. are attending a lecture where the speaker's voice can be difficult to hear. Then the Phonak RemoteMic can be attached to the speaker's clothes and send the voice directly to your hearing aids. Remember that you can also get an EasyCall cover from us, which can be used for Phonak's EasyCall for iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S. 


Japebo has accessories for your Phonak hearing aid 

If you have any questions about our large range of products for Phonak hearing aids, then do not hesitate to contact us. You can do this on tel. 80 20 80 90 or by writing to our email Our hearing specialists are ready to help you. At we are an authorized dealer of all the products in our online store, so you can be sure to get help from employees with a high level of expertise when you contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!