Bernafon batteries

On this page you can find our large selection of batteries for Bernafon hearing aids, so your great sound experience never has to stop. Batteries are an indispensable part of having a hearing aid that one should not compromise on. Explore the range below and find the size that fits your hearing aid. 

Hearing aid batteries from Bernafon 

At you can get a good range of batteries specially designed for hearing aids from Swiss Bernafon. Bernafon has been developing hearing aids for more than 60 years and constantly strives to create authentic sound experiences for their customers, so that they can provide more value in everyday life. The hearing aids cannot stand alone, and therefore we have of course gathered a selection of batteries on this page, which are suitable for Bernafon's hearing aids. 


Bernafon batteries are available here 

When you buy batteries for your Bernafon hearing aid from us, you can choose between different options. We have batteries from Bernafon's own brand, just as we have button cell batteries that are suitable for remote controls or other accessories for your hearing aid. The batteries from Bernafon are available in 3 different sizes, namely the standard sizes 10, 13 and 312. In a user-friendly way, the sizes are divided into the colors yellow, orange and brown, so you can find the right size easily and quickly. 


Hearing aid batteries do not last forever and need to be replaced regularly. Therefore, it is a good idea to always bring extra batteries when you are on the go, so that you do not risk being left without a working hearing aid. They take up minimal space and can easily fit in a purse, a small bag or even in a pocket. 


Other accessories for hearing aids from Bernafon 

If you are looking for other accessories for your hearing aid from Bernafon, we can of course also help you with that. We have everything you need for your hearing aid. Take a closer look at our selection of wireless accessories, domes and receivers that you cannot do without for your hearing aid. We at make sure that you do not lack anything to get the optimal sound experience in everyday life. With Bernafon's accessories, you never have to compromise on the sound from your hearing aid again, and you'll have a hard time doing without it if you try it first. 


Japebo is ready to help you 

Finally, do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about our batteries from Bernafon or Bernafon's other products. You can do this by calling tel. 80 20 80 90 or by writing to our email We are an authorized dealer of all the products in our online store, so you can be sure to get help from employees with a high level of professional expertise when you contact us. We look forward to helping you.