As one of the world's leading suppliers of hearing aids, Phonak is on a mission to change the lives of people with hearing loss. By pushing the boundaries of hearing technology and creating user-friendly solutions with excellent sound quality, Phonak is helping increase the joy of life for the hearing impaired worldwide. This is what they call "love at first sight". Explore the range of Phonak batteries below. 


Choose the right battery for your Phonak hearing aid 

At Japebo you will find a wide selection of Phonak hearing aid batteries. No matter what hearing aid you have, you can get batteries in the right size on this page. We only sell original parts for your hearing aid from Phonak, which is why you can always be sure to get the right quality when you shop in our online store. 


In the range of batteries from Phonak, for example, you can find Phonak 10 battery, Phonak 13 battery and Phonak 312 battery. They are all divided into recognizable colors, which reduces the risk of a wrong order as they are easy to identify. Common to the batteries is a long life and good performance. 


Store your batteries properly to ensure the best performance 

It matters how you store your batteries to ensure the most optimal performance. The best room temperature is 10-25 degrees, and it is important that you do not store the batteries in a humid place or at too hot temperatures, as this shortens the life of the batteries. 


If you have just put a new battery in your hearing aid, wait 2 minutes after removing the label. If it’s not working, then hand over your hearing aid to your hearing care professional for further troubleshooting. 


The right hearing solution in all situations 

Phonak has developed a wide range of wireless accessories that improve the performance of your hearing aid, so you can better be in touch with your surroundings in everyday life. Whether it's phone calls, larger group conversations, restaurant visits, in the classroom, whether you're watching TV or you need to converse in noisy environments, Phonak offers an ideal listening solution. If you have special needs that you want guidance on how to best get covered, our specialists can help you. 


Ordering hearing aid batteries from Phonak online 

At you can order your batteries for hearing aids online. It's fast and easy, and we deliver your order within a few working days. If you have questions about which batteries best fit your hearing aids or about our wide product range of accessories from Phonak, you are more than welcome to contact customer service with your inquiry by writing to 


Japebo is an authorized dealer of all products that you find in our online store. Out staff consists of trained hearing specialists with many years of experience in customizing hearing aids and consulting on wireless accessories. If you need help with connection or guidance, one of our hearing specialists can easily handle this in our store in Slagelse. Just call to book an appointment on telephone +45 80 20 80 90.