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ReSound Batteries

High-Quality Power for your Hearing-Aids

Welcome to our collection of ReSound batteries, specifically designed to power your ReSound hearing aids. While these batteries can be used with any hearing aid, we recommend using original batteries with ReSound hearing aids for optimal performance and longevity.

Product Descriptions:

ReSound 10 Battery: This compact and powerful battery is perfect for smaller, more discreet hearing aids. Despite its small size, it offers long-lasting performance, ensuring your hearing aid is always ready when you need it.

ReSound 312 Battery: A popular choice among hearing aid users, the ReSound 312 battery offers a great balance between size and longevity. It’s easy to handle and install, and it provides reliable power for your hearing aid.

ReSound 13 Battery: For hearing aids requiring more power, the ReSound 13 battery is the perfect choice. It’s slightly larger than the other options, but it provides longer battery life and consistent performance.

Why Choose original batteries from ReSound ?

ReSound batteries are designed to deliver clear, consistent sound to your hearing aids. They offer long-lasting power, easy installation, and reliable performance. By choosing original batteries from ReSound, you’re ensuring that your hearing aids function at their best, providing you with the highest quality sound possible.

Trust Japebo for Your ReSound Needs

As an authorized ReSound webshop, Japebo offers everything you need for your ReSound hearing instrument. You can securely order your necessities for your hearing instruments from us. If you’re in doubt or need assistance, you’re more than welcome to contact us via email or chat. We’re here to help!

Explore our range of original batteries from ReSound and find the perfect match for your hearing aid. With our selection of ReSound 10, 312, and 13 batteries, you’re sure to find the right power solution for your needs. Trust ReSound and Japebo to keep your hearing aids performing at their best.