Retention for Receiver 4.0


Phonak Retention 4.0 is an ear grip (also called a support arm or sports lock) for Phonak’s speaker system 4.0, introduced with the Phonak Marvel generation, designed to secure the dome in the ear.

If the plug on your hearing aid tends to slide out of the ear canal, the ear grip is an optimal solution. It sits at the base of the ear, securing the dome inside the ear so you don’t have to worry about the hearing aid all day.

Phonak Retention 4.0 is also beneficial during physical activities. If you engage in team sports or gymnastics where hearing and communication are crucial, using the ear grip can be advantageous. You don’t have to worry about the dome falling out of the ear when you move, allowing you to fully concentrate on the sport.

The ear grip is easy to install and handle, so you can choose to use it only in specific situations.

Advantages of Phonak Retention 4.0:

  • Stabilizes the hearing aid in the ear.
  • Effective during physical activities.
  • Easy to handle.
Retention for Receiver 4.0
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