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Rexton Chargers

Do you use a Rexton hearing aid and need a charger? Maybe it’s time to replace your old charger? You’ve come to the right place. On this page, you’ll find a wide selection of original chargers for your Rexton hearing aids. At Japebo, we ensure that you can find the charger that suits your specific needs. We make sure you don’t compromise on equipment and can have the optimal sound experience

Charging on the Go

The Rexton Slim-RIC Travel Charger Qi is compatible with Rexton M-core SR (Slim RIC) hearing aids. With a practical wireless Qi charging system and advanced lithium-ion technology, its slim and compact design provides up to 3 full charges for your hearing aids when you’re on the go without access to a power outlet. It’s ideal for those who are frequently on the move, whether at the office or in the car. The Rexton Travel Charger fully charges in just 4 hours. The fast charging function offers 5 hours of usage in just 30 minutes, and the charger itself can be fully recharged in only 3 hours.

The Rexton Travel Charger features an automatic on/off function, allowing the hearing aids to turn off when placed in the charger and automatically turn on when removed.

The Rexton Slim-RIC Charging Case is also ideal for those on the go. This charging station is compatible with Rexton Stiline G5. It features an attractive and elegant design that seamlessly blends into your daily life, visually and functionally. The travel charger serves as a practical charging station for home, travel, and office use. The charging case has its own battery with sufficient capacity for 3 full charges while you’re on the move. With the Travel Charger, you’re less dependent on access to power outlets, as the power bank in the charging station provides enough power for 3 full charges before needing to be recharged.

Efficient Charging with Rexton Chargers for M-Core B-HP and B-P Hearing Aids

Powerful hearing aids require an efficient charger. These chargers utilize galvanic charging for quick and effective charging. Rexton chargers can be used with Rexton M-Core B-HP and B-P hearing aids, which are rechargeable behind-the-ear devices with a battery life of up to 61 hours on a single charge.

The advanced MotionCore technology in the new M-Core B-HP and B-P hearing aids ensures that the devices automatically recognize and adapt to your current sound environment, allowing for better speech understanding.

Rexton Chargers offer the option for quick charging in just 30 minutes.

Find Rexton Charger for M-Core B-HP here.

Find Rexton Charger for M-Core B-P here.

Charge and Dry Your Rexton Hearing Aids

The Rexton Charging Station is a smart and practical charger for your hearing aids. It rapidly charges M-Core R-Li, M-Core B-li-M, M-Core CROS R-Li, M-Core CROS R, Stellar RIC 8C, and Stellar M 8C hearing aid models. The charger is designed as a closed box that protects, transports, and charges your hearing aids. It can be used with USB inputs, making it easy to charge your hearing aids wherever you are. Simply connect it to a power bank, laptop, or standard power outlet, and you’ll have hours of usage ahead. The Rexton Charging Station is a convenient travel companion, as it serves as a closed station that can store and transport your hearing aids.

The Rexton Charging Station automatically turns off when your hearing aids are fully charged, allowing you to easily charge them overnight. To charge your hearing aids, simply place them in the corresponding slots in the charger. Once properly positioned, the charging process begins and automatically stops when your hearing aids are fully charged. Now you’re ready for a full day of listening experience.

Avoid Repairs and Extend the Lifespan of Your Rexton Hearing Aids

Rexton Smart Li-ion Power recharges Rexton hearing aids with lithium-ion batteries. These rechargeable batteries are the sustainable choice, both environmentally friendly and offering the most optimal listening experience.After 4 hours, the hearing aids are fully charged and provide 24 hours of usage. The charger automatically turns off when the hearing aids are fully charged to avoid unnecessary power consumption. Additionally, the Rexton Smart Li-ion Power dries your hearing aids while charging, removing moisture accumulated throughout the day. This extends the lifespan of the hearing aids and reduces the number of bacteria around the ear, ensuring a comfortable wearing experience.

Using the Rexton Smart Li-ion Power is easy. Simply place your hearing aids in the charger. The hearing aids automatically turn off when placed in the charger and turn on automatically when removed, ready for use. The Rexton Smart Li-ion Power not only benefits the environment but also optimizes your time while taking care of your hearing aids.

The Rexton Smart Power Charger is a charger for your Rexton hearing aids with rechargeable batteries (sold separately). A single charge provides enough power for more than a day, and even more if you use your hearing aids periodically. In addition to charging, the Rexton Smart Power Charger also serves as a drying box, automatically activating after charging. This ensures that your hearing aids remain free from moisture, promoting the well-being of your ear canals. Moreover, the Rexton Smart Power Charger is user-friendly and equipped with LED indicator lights, allowing you to easily track the charging process.

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At Japebo, we prioritize exceptional customer service. We’re always ready to assist you, ensuring a confident purchase of your new charger. Feel free to reach out to us via email at or through our chat if you have any questions about our chargers, hearing aids, or related accessories. We would be delighted to help you find the perfect solution for a great listening experience.