RIC – click dome (closed)


There are 4 different types of domes that you can switch between. They each provide a different audio experience depending on how open or closed the domes are.

The 4 types of domes: 
Open: If you want maximum comfort and an open feeling in the ear canal.
Semi-open: Has 2 slats that provide better sealing but without occlusion.
Closed: For a more intense sound experience, as it allows for more bass amplification.
Power: For users who need maximum gain in the entire frequency range and better sealing.

Click Domes for Rexton, Siemens and Signia hearing aids
Soft slats made of skin-friendly material

Fits Siemens and Rexton miniReceiver
Fits Siemens, Rexton and Signia miniReceiver 2.0

RIC – click dome (closed)
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