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Signia Hearing Aid Parts and Accessories

Find any accessory for your Signia hearing aids.

Everything in Signia hearing aid accessories

Signia has taken over Siemens’ hearing aid production. So, even though the name might be new to you, there is over 100 years’ worth of experience. It also means that there is a wide selection of both hearing aids and accessories on the market already. Signia has (under the old name) been leading in terms of innovation and production of hearing aids. Always ahead on the development side, where the goal is to give hearing aid users the best possible experience.

Signia wireless accessories

As there are many years of development behind Signia, there already is a wide series of wireless accessories on the market. All products are developed to fulfill specific needs. Always with a focus on ensuring optimal use of you hearing aids. For example, there is a MiniPocket remote control that gives you a simple and wireless control over your hearing aids. It is practically a remote control with the seize of a car key. With this mini remote control, you get full control over your hearing aid. Among other features, you can adjust the volume or turn your hearing aid on and off. If you are looking for products like sound domes or wax filters, this is of course also something we have a wide selection of at Japebo

Don’t forget maintenance

If you want the optimal experience with your hearing aid, then maintenance is essential. This does not only mean having extra batteries, but also cleansing and drying. To that end, we have a wide selection of maintenance products – everything from cleansing sprays to a Signia PerfectDry Lux drying box, that has an automatic cleaning system. The drying box ensures a quick drying and effective disinfection of hearing aids with ultraviolet light.

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