Take a look at our range of accessories for Starkey hearing aids. Here at Japebo, we have all the accessories you need to not go down on equipment for your hearing aid. Whether you are in need of products such as domes or wireless accessories, you will find it here on the site. It’s simply up to you to choose – so please explore the selection below and find the right one for you.

Starkey is an American company that produces hearing aids and accessories – at the same time, they are one of the largest manufacturers of everything related to hearing aids in the world. Starkey is dedicated to creating the best possible sound experiences, and according to them, this is done with innovation and a passion for people. They want to create intelligent solutions for you, so you never have to compromise on the sound in your everyday life – hear better, live better. On this page you will find our great selection of accessories from Starkey, which you can take a closer look at. We have what you are looking for, for your hearing aid.

High-quality domes and wax filters from Starkey

On this page you can find domes from Starkey, which ensures that your hearing aid always fits comfortably and appropriately in your ear. You can choose between two types, namely a closed version and an open version, so you can choose which one suits you best. You can choose between 5 different sizes within the two versions, so you can get domes that fit your needs perfectly. The open version ensures good ventilation in the ear canal and provides a lighter sound, while the closed version intensifies the bass sound. It’s simply up to you to choose.


Naturally, you can also get wax filters from Starkey, so you can hear on an optimal level every day. Just remember to replace the wax filter every fourth week, so any clogging in the speaker will be avoided at the same time as keeping bacteria and foreign elements away from the ear canal. Wax filters also ensure a longer lifetime for your hearing aid – so buy wax filters today and enjoy the good sound for many years to come.

Wireless accessories for better sound experiences

Also take a look at Starkey’s wireless accessories for hearing aids, which you certainly cannot do without. Here you can find two different Surflinks that stream the audio from devices such as televisions and cell phones directly to your hearing aid. The two Surflinks can also be used as microphones, among other things, so you can have conversations with optimal sound that is transmitted directly to your hearing aid. This gives you several functions in one complete solution.

You can also get a separate microphone from Starkey on this page, so you can isolate the sound with a conversation partner and not miss anything. The microphone can also be used for conversations with several people together, so you also can participate in conversations during family dinners, birthdays, or the like. A microphone is indispensable in the everyday life to hear what is being said by the people around you, so make sure to not compromise on your wireless accessories for the hearing aid.

Japebo has everything for your hearing aid

In addition to accessories for hearing aids from Starkey, at Japebo we also have accessories from a large number of other brands, which are among the leaders in the market. So, if you want to explore where else you can find accessories for hearing aids, just keep clicking here. For example, you can find everything you need from brands like Siemens, Rexton and Phonak, all of which provide quality products for your hearing aid. At Japebo we have everything you need for your particular hearing aid – it’s simply up to you to choose.


If you have any questions about our range of Starkey hearing aid accessories, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice and guidance. You can do this using our online chat or by writing to our email at Our hearing specialists are ready to help you. You can be sure to get help from employees who have a high level of professional expertise, as we are an authorized dealer of all the products in our online store. We look forward to hearing from you.