SureFit (SF) Open Dome


Resound SureFit Domes are compatible with a wide range of Resound hearing aids. These soft and comfortable domes ensure a pleasant experience while using your hearing aids. They prevent ear irritation and ensure top-notch sound quality. To achieve optimal effectiveness, it is recommended to change the domes at least every 4 weeks.

The domes come in three different versions: open, tulip-shaped, and power domes, allowing you to switch according to your preference. Each type of dome provides a different sound experience, making it advantageous to change domes based on your current situation.

Benefits of Resound SureFit Open Domes:

  • Ensures sound quality.
  • Multiple dome types for individual preference.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Prevents irritation.

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SureFit (SF) Open Dome
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