Unitron S Receiver 4.0


If the sound in your hearing aid changes or distorts even after replacing the wax filter, it may be a sign that the receiver needs to be replaced. The new design of the Receiver for Unitron hearing aids, Generation 4.0, features extra robustness, providing enhanced protection against daily wear and tear. This ensures that sound quality remains consistently top-notch.

Unitron Receiver 4.0 is compatible with the new Unitron Moxi D hearing aids, and the receivers are available in three different types: S is the standard receiver for mild to moderate hearing loss, M is for more severe hearing loss, and P is designed for the most profound hearing reductions.

Distinguishing between the hearing aids is also simple, as the end of the receiver is colored red for the right ear and blue for the left.

Benefits of Unitron Receiver 4.0:

  • Ensures sound quality in your hearing aids.
  • Extra durability with a robust design.
  • Color-coded for right and left receivers.
  • Available in 4 lengths

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Unitron S Receiver 4.0
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