Everything in Unitron hearing aid accessories and maintenance

Unitron was founded in 1964 and has the headquarters is in Canada, but they are present in over 70 countries and is a global company. Over 100 audiological experts ensure that Unitron always can stay ahead on development.

Hearing aids have always been designed with the user in focus. This user-conscious philosophy has led to several design prizes and had made Unitron the leading brand within hearing aid design.

At Japebo, you will find everything you need to optimally maintain your Unitron hearing aids. You will also find wireless accessories to make your Unitron hearing aid even better.

Unitron wireless accessories

All wireless accessories from Unitron are of course developed specifically to work with you Unitron hearing aid. When you combine your hearing aid with the wireless accessories, it can lead to a direct improvement of life quality. When communication becomes easier, you will get more out of social events again.

With the uMic microphone, you can for example hear your conversational partner loud and clearly. Even in noisy environments like for example in public transport or during a restaurant visit. The Unitron uMic microphone simply streams the sound directly to your hearing aids. You just need to place the microphone on your conversational partner. You simply do this with the built-in clip or with a neck strap.

Stream the sound from TV and phone to your hearing aid

The clever uStream is the ideal all-round accessory for your hearing aids. With Unitron uStream, you can stream from your TV, mobile phone, tablets and PC, directly to the hearing aid. In short, you can stream sound from all Bluetooth units, so you can also hear music directly in the hearing aids.

Your hearing aids are practically transformed to a wireless headset. At the same time, uStream make sure that you can use your phone hands free, which is just another benefit of this accessory.

If you want help to adjust your hearing aids during the day, you need to get hold of a remote control like Unitron Smart Control. It is small and discreet but ensures an easy and straight forward access to adjusting the hearing aid’s most important features. For example, you can adjust the volume or run a program change.

Smart Control works with most hearing aids. Depending on which hearing aid you are using, there is even the opportunity to get even more features.

Remember to maintain your hearing aid

Unfortunately, many hearing aid users forget to maintain their hearing aids. But if you want to get the most out of them, then maintenance is key. This applies to both the basics of ensuring to always having extra batteries lying around, but also cleaning your hearing aid. We have a vast assortment of products for both cleaning and maintenance of Unitron hearing aids.

Should you have questions in regard to accessories for – or maintenance of – your Unitron hearing aid, then please contact us. You will find out contact info below.