Vented Domes Clear 6.0


Phonak Vented Domes Clear 6.0 are specially designed to fit Phonak Audéo Fit hearing aid models. These transparent, white vented domes are available in three different sizes: small, medium, and large.

The dome is the part of the hearing aid that sits deepest inside the ear, making it the most vulnerable component. By replacing the domes regularly, you ensure optimal sound quality and prevent ear canal issues such as eczema and discomfort.

It is recommended to replace the domes at least every 4 weeks or as needed. To prolong their lifespan, gently clean the domes daily with a cleaning wipe.

Each pack contains 10 Phonak Vented Clear 6.0 Domes, providing you with an ample supply.

Benefits of Phonak Vented Domes Clear 6.0:

  • Ventilated for optimal airflow and sound intensity
  • Ensures maximum comfort during extended wear
  • Enhances overall sound quality, delivering an improved listening experience
Vented Domes Clear 6.0
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