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Welcome to our Widex Hearing Aid Domes category!

Find the perfect fit for your Widex hearing aids with our diverse selection of domes. Widex Ear-Tips can be used for all hearing aids with a receiver in the ear or thin tubes in the Easy-Wear series, providing versatile compatibility.

Choose from different sizes to ensure an optimal fit for your exact ear. Our Ear-Tips also come in various variants with different closings for the ear, allowing you to customize the ventilation in your ear canal. The presence of air holes prevents a clogged sensation and minimizes occlusion.

Replacing domes is quick and easy, ensuring hassle-free maintenance. Additionally, we recommend changing your wax guard when replacing your ear-tips. This helps maintain an optimal listening experience and prevents potential damage caused by earwax accumulation. Regular dome and wax guard changes contribute to a longer lifespan for your hearing aids.

Experience enhanced comfort and improved sound quality with our high-quality Widex Ear-Tips, designed specifically for Widex hearing aids. Shop now and take a step towards an optimized hearing experience!

Note: When changing your eartips, remember to replace the wax guard as well for optimal performance and longevity of your hearing aids.