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This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
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DEX™ – Wireless Accessories from Widex

Experience a whole new world of sound with DEX™ audio equipment from Widex. Choose from a range of microphones and practical accessories for your TV or mobile phone, making communication between your devices effortless. Explore the full selection of DEX™ wireless accessories from Widex and find the perfect fit for your needs.

Widex, a Danish company since 1956, is dedicated to providing the best hearing aids, allowing individuals with hearing loss to stay connected. At Japebo, we support this mission by offering high-quality Widex devices and accessories. Expect unmatched quality when you choose Widex.

Wirelessly communicate with your phone, TV, or audio equipment

With the popular DEX™ audio equipment from Widex, you can enter a whole new world of sound. This wireless accessory makes it easy for hearing aid users to communicate with their audio equipment, remote controls, TV, or mobile phones, whether they are smartphones or landlines.

One option is the COM-DEX solution, which streams audio from your smartphone or other Bluetooth devices to your hearing aids. This allows you to effortlessly hear your conversation partner even in noisy environments or at longer distances, as well as enjoy music and more. Users can control this innovative hearing solution with a free app available on Apple Watch™, smartphones, and iPhones.

CALL-DEX is a discreet and smart device for streaming calls from your mobile phone to your hearing aids. It offers up to 80 hours of streaming and is compatible with most mobile phones.

UNI-DEX is designed for all types of phones and is incredibly easy to use. Simply connect the jack cable to your mobile phone or audio equipment, and the streaming starts automatically, enabling you to listen right away.

Our range of DEX™ accessories from Widex offers hands-free solutions that are easy to use and provide fantastic sound. The design is simple, timeless, and can be controlled with the COM-DEX app.

At Japebo, we guarantee the highest quality hands-free solutions. We offer top-notch accessories for hearing aids suitable for both young and old. Browse our wide selection of wireless accessories from Widex, one of the world’s leading manufacturers in innovative hearing solutions. You’ll find all the popular products you need for your hearing aids.