Concha Lock


Concha Lock is the ‘sport lock’ that ensures the hearing aid stays securely in the ear. Concha Lock is placed on the hearing aid by removing the dome and then inserting the Concha Lock. This keeps the speaker in place, allowing you to enjoy your day and engage in physical activities without worrying about your hearing aid. Concha Lock can be used advantageously if you have issues with the retention of your hearing aids in your ears or if you simply want extra stability.

Concha Lock is available in three sizes: Small (S), Medium (M), and a power version (P), which is the largest of the three. If you are unsure about which size to use, please read how to find the correct size in the text below the picture.

Benefits of Concha Lock:

  • Ensures the hearing aid stays securely in the ear.
  • Provides stability during physical activity.
  • Available in three different sizes.
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Concha Lock
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