Accessories for Siemens hearing aids

At Japebo you will find a wide selection of miscellaneous accessories for your Siemens hearing aids. Among other things, you can find sound domes, wax filters, batteries and a lot of wireless accessories, which can help improve the life of everybody with a hearing loss, whether you are an experienced user of hearing aids or you just got your first hearing aid.

For more than 100 years, Siemens have produced advanced hearing systems, which is also why they are among the markets most leading manufactures when it comes to revolutionizing development and innovating production of hearing aids and accessories. Be aware, however. That the newer hearing aids from Siemens are produced under the name Signia, which we of course also sell accessories for here on the shop.

Hearing aid batteries and wireless accessories from Siemens

Regardless of which accessories for hearing aids you might need from Siemens, you can be sure to find it in our selection. In particular, we offer a large selection of Siemens batteries for hearing aids, so you can find both rechargeable batteries and regular batteries that fit all hearing aid models. The Signia series of products is particularly among the best rechargeable solutions withing hearing aids.

We are constantly working on expanding our assortment of accessories of hearing aids, so your sound experience will be as effortless as possible. Therefore, you will of course find a wide selection of wireless accessories from Siemens where every product is designed to fulfilled specific needs so you can get the most out of your hearing aids on a daily basis. For example, you can use the classic ProPocket™ remote control that provide wireless control over your hearing aids, including features like turn on/off and adjusting the volume.

Remember to maintain your hearing aid

If you want the optimal experience with your hearing aids, then maintenance is essential. This does not just go for batteries and adjustment, but also cleansing and drying. That is why we have a comprehensive assortment of maintenance products. Here, you can find everything from cleansing wipes to a Siemens Dry-Star UV drying box that uses ultraviolet light to clean.

Should you have any questions about Siemens accessories, batteries or the rest of our product assortment, you are always welcome to ask us for advice. You can contact us directly in the chat or write us at, where our competent associates in customer service are ready to help you with any enquiry.