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Everything in Rexton hearing aid accessories and maintenance

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At Japebo we have gathered a large selection of products from the renowned brand Rexton, including accessories for hearing aids and products for maintenance. Rexton has developed hearing aids for more than 50 years and has therefore followed the development for many years. Overall, Rexton focuses on four core ideas when developing hearing aids, namely value, innovation, quality, and ease of use. This results in the Rexton hearing aids having a high stability and long life, as the balance between value, quality and stability coincides.

Rexton hearing aids are available as Receiver in the Canal (RIC), behind-the-ear hearing aid (BTE) and as molded in-ear hearing aids (ITE). Explore the categories below and find everything you need for your hearing aid such as audio domes, wireless accessories, maintenance, cleaning cups and thin tubes. Invest in Rexton accessories and hear the difference today!

Domes for your hearing aid

At Japebo, we sell everything for your Rexton hearing aid, and domes, also called sound domes or tippers, are no exception. With sound domes, your sound experience is improved and at the same time you get a comfortable fit in a skin-friendly material. Our domes for Rexton hearing aids are available in several sizes and shapes, namely open, semi open, closed, and double. You can switch between different types of domes, and it is recommended that you replace click domes once a month.

Ensure your hearing aid is stable with support legs

It is important that your Rexton hearing aid is firmly attached to the ear – otherwise your hearing experience will not be satisfactory and sufficient. With Concha Lock – or widely known as the stabilizer – you are assured that your hearing aid is secure during physical activity. Concha Lock is available in three sizes, so you can find exactly the one that suits you. To put the stabilizer in place, you need to remove the dome and then attach the Concha Lock to the receiver.

Discover Rexton’s wireless accessories

From Rexton, you can get a wide array of wireless accessories for your hearing aid as a remote control that can easily adjust the volume, change program, turn your hearing aid on and off as needed, as well as activate the power saving feature. You can also get products that work both as a remote control and as a sound streamer from your audio sources to your hearing aid in one. So, there is plenty of opportunity to invest in gadgets that can optimize your audio experience.

Rexton hearing aids require maintenance

Hearing aids, like so much else, require maintenance, and that is why we at Japebo have a good selection of accessories for maintaining your hearing aid. We have everything from cleansing brushes and cleansing sprays to otoferm cream, which increases the comfort when you use your hearing aid and makes it easier to insert the hearing aid. Do not compromise on the maintenance of your Rexton hearing aid!

Get wax filter from Rexton

Prevent wax from clogging your hearing aid with a Rexton wax filter. You can get several different wax filters from us, which ensure the most optimal sound by preventing wax from clogging the speaker in the hearing aid. The filter protects the speaker from particles and bacteria in the ears, and it is easy and simple to change when in need, approx. every four weeks.

Japebo – your retailer of accessories for hearing aids

If you have any questions about how to best maintain your Rexton hearing aid, or have questions about our many Rexton products, please feel free to contact our hearing specialists on our online chat or write to us at We are an authorized dealer of all the products we have in our webshop, so we can contribute with a high level of expertise if you contact us. We look forward to helping you!