MiniReceiver 2.0


The Siemens MiniReceiver 2.0 is an enhanced version of the Siemens MiniReceiver speaker unit. The improvements include a higher volume and improved placement of the speaker, both of which increase the sound quality. In addition, color codes have been used for easier recognition of the right and left receivers.

Siemens MiniReceiver 2.0 is better protected against moisture with dual filter function and prevents repairs of your hearing aid which increases the life of the receiver.

By replacing the miniReciever wax guard at least every 4 weeks, you ensure the longest possible life of your speaker unit.

Advantages of Siemens MiniReceiver 2.0

  • Improved protection against moisture.
  • Color code of right and left unit.
  • Improved placement of speaker.

The size is printed on the audio output on the speaker unit, remove the click domain and you will see one letter and one number (E.g. 1S which corresponds to length 1 Type S)

If your speaker unit has a round head, you’ll need the first generation MiniReceiver, MiniReceiver 1.0.

MiniReceiver 2.0
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