Phonak Slim Tube 4.0


Phonak Slim Tube 4.0 are thin tubes for Phonak’s newer hearing aids like Marvel (e.g., Bolero M and Sky M) as well as Paradise (e.g. Bolero P and Sky P) hearing. To maintain the sound quality in your hearing aid, it is necessary to replace the thin tubes frequently as they can become worn out with time. If the tubes get a yellowish color, it is time to change the tubes. Generally, it is recommended to replace the thin tubes every 3 months to ensure the sound quality. The thin tubes are particularly robust and have a good fit to the ear.

Phonak Slim Tube 4.0 are ergonomically designed to adjust to your ear with a more curved. Also, the thin tubes are available in different lengths, so you can find the size that best fit you. If you want to find the size of your current thin tube, it is indicated on the tube where you insert the dome.

Moreover, the domes are easily inserted on the Slim Tube 4.0, as they only have to be clicked on the end of the tube, which is designed to replace the domes quickly and easily.

Benefits of Phonak Slim Tube 4.0

  • Ergonomically designed to your ear
  • Easy replacement of thin tubes
  • Smart click-replacement of domes

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Phonak Slim Tube 4.0
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