Spira Flex Thin Tubes 1.3 mm


Bernafon Spiraflex thin tube ensures an optimal transfer of the sound from the hearing aid to your ear. The tubes come in different thicknesses and can therefore be used for all levels of hearing loss. This is the 1.3 mm thickness which is the Power version – click here for SpiraFlex 0.9 mm 

The tube itself is made of skin-friendly material, which at the same time ensures a nice and comfortable fit. The transparent design also provides a discreet look.
To determine what size you need, you can see the number at the end of the tube.

Benefits of Bernafon Spira flex thin tubes

  • Ensures the highest quality audio transmission.
  • Good fit.
  • Invisible appearance.
  • Easy to replace.

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Spira Flex Thin Tubes 1.3 mm
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