Widex Elan Double Eartip


Widex Elan Domes are domes for Widex Élan and Élan Micro thin tubes. The domes are made of a transparent and skin-friendly material, ensuring minimal visibility in the ear canal.

Widex Élan Domes come in 3 different types: The first is an open dome, the second is tulip-shaped, and the last one is a double dome. The open domes prevent occlusion and a blocked sensation, as the open design allows natural sound to pass into the ear canal. The sound is also slightly brighter. The tulip-shaped domes provide a slightly stronger bass sound and are better if you need more bass amplification. The shape ensures a more intense sound experience while still ventilating the ear canal. The double dome completely closes off the ear canal, providing maximum bass amplification and is suitable for more profound hearing loss.

Advantages of Widex Elan Domes:

  • Matching dome for Widex Élan and Élan Micro
  • Transparent and skin-friendly material
  • Different shapes for different preferences.
Widex Elan Double Eartip
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