Easywear Thin Tube (1.4)


Widex Easywear Thin Tube is a thin tube that specifically considers your ear and ensures a discreet appearance.
The thin tubes have a specially adapted shape that makes the comfort even higher, and the good fit ensures that you can use the thin tube unnoticed, which does not bother your skin around the ear. That is why they are available in 5 different lengths, which ensures that they fit you exactly. Furthermore, the thin tubes are transparent so that they are hardly noticed.
The Easywear series fits all Easywear hearing aids and can replace the older Élan Micro thin tubes.

Advantages of Widex Easywear Thin Tubes

  • Shaped after the ear
  • Good fit
  • For all types of hearing loss
Easywear Thin Tube (1.4)
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