Instant Open Ear-Dome


Widex Instant Ear-Tip is a dome for the Widex hearing aid with Reciever in the ear (RIC) as well as for hearing aids with thin tubes. The dome ensures a good transmission of the sound from the hearing aid to your ear canal, so you achieve an optimal sound quality.

The domes have soft slats and shape to the ear, ensuring a good fit in the ear canal. In addition, the skin-friendly material protects the ear from harmful particles that you are exposed to when using the hearing aid. Therefore, it is also important to change the domain regularly to ensure the sound quality and protect your ears from bacteria.

Advantages of Instant Open Ear-Tip

  • Soft, skin-friendly material
  • Invisible in the ear canal
  • Individual fit with 3 different sizes
Instant Open Ear-Dome
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