Phonak M Receiver 4.0


If the sound in your hearing aid changes or is distorted even though you have changed the wax filter, it may be a sign that the receiver needs to be replaced. The new design of Receiver for Phonak hearing aids generation 4.0 has an extra robust design, and it is therefore well protected against small everyday knocks. It ensures the sound quality is always top notch.

Phonak Receiver 4.0 is compatible with the new Phonak Marvel hearing aids, and the receivers are available in three different types: S is the standard receiver for mild to moderate hearing loss, where M is for stronger hearing loss and P is for the strongest hearing reductions.

It is also easy to tell the difference between the hearing aids as the end of the receiver is red for the right ear and blue for the left ear.

Advantages of Phonak Reciever 4.0

  • Ensures the sound quality of your hearing aids.
  • Extra resistant with robust design.
  • Color coding on right and left receiver resp.
  • Available in 4 lengths.
Phonak M Receiver 4.0
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